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  •  Harry Potter e o Cálice de Fogo - J.K. Rowling
  • Le petit Nicolas a des ennuis - Goscinny / Sempé
  • Baroque and Rococo Pictorial Imagery - Cesare Ripa


  • Évidemment - France Gall
  • Ideal Standard - Jean-Louis Aubert
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March 05, 2006

The Lion, The Wallace, and the Were-Rabbit

Who Cares for the OSCAR? What's important is the Razzies! Yesterday was the ceremony and they announced the winners. I have to agree with some of the choices: Rob Schneider for the worst actor, Paris Hilton for the worst supporting actress and worst remake or sequel to The Son of The Mask. I don't like Tom Cruise, but I think he did a great job and deserved to win on the new category of "Saluting the Celebs We're ALL Sick & Tired Of". With all the story about Katie Holmes, Oprah, the baby, his freaky expressions of love, the stupid comments about Brooke Shields and his "religion", the Scientology, made of him what he is now. Congratulations Tom, you deserved that!

While you wait for the Academy Awards - and I have my fingers crossed for Wallace & Gromit and Brokeback Mountain - visit the Worth1000 gallery of Mate a Movie 11 with photoshop creations made by combining two or more movies posters.

March 04, 2006

Meat Go Round

The paintings of Andrew Brandou show cute animals in bizarre situations, almost disturbing: a squirrel planning to explode the house, a pig having a tattoo, bunnies burning a house, or burning the city. I don't know how to define his work, just know that it is wonderful. His works made with ink and watercolour on paper with dressing animals imitating old engravings for biology books are great too.

King of Wands

You don't need to believe in Tarot, just need to like LEGO to enjoy the Reasonably Clever's Tarot, a LEGO based Tarot made by Chris Doyle. The cards were made to his own personal enjoyment and as a tribute to all things LEGO. Since he hadn't seen a LEGO tarot deck, he decided to make his own. If you like it, enjoy the pictures, post a link, share with your friends, because it isn't available to sell - yes, it's a pity. (via Cynical-C)

Kermit the Frog

Muppet Wiki is a collaborative project to create an encyclopedia for everything related to Jim Henson and the Muppets. It lunched in December 2005, has almost 7,000 andover 1,100 characters in the Muppet characters category. I found my favourite characters. What's yours? (via Micro Persuasion)

Chico Mendes 1944-1988

Center for the Study of Political Graphics has a huge collection with over 50,000 posters, the largest collection of Post World War II graphics in the US. The Center for the Study of Political Graphics collects, preserves, and exhibits posters relating to historical and contemporary movements for social change. They also organize travelling exhbitions by themes like ecology, labor movement, black panther party USA, human rights, political prisioners, sexism and homophobia, international women's liberation, the war against children, and more. (via El Burlador)

The Firebird

L'art populaire de la Russie (The russian folk art): literature, history, fairy tales, lacquer miniatures, toys, bylines... reserve some time to enjoy of all the site has to offer. The site is in French, but there is an English version. (via Vigna-Marú)

PS.: thanks to that site now I know that The Firebird was based in a Russian fairy tale.

March 03, 2006


Six funny videos with cats to finish the night:

- Cat Massage: some dogs are luckier than others. The video shows a cat performing a massage on a dog. Maybe you are jealous now, but remember that the cat nails can hurt, a lot. (Warning: loud sound)

- Food Fight: when a cat wants to eat, let it eat, specially if you are a small dog. It's difficult to see my cats doing that, but I have a pot for each one to avoid that.

- Kitty & Rooster, Weird Friendship. That's a very cute video of a kitten that has a rooster as a friend. Does he think that he is a chick? Or does he think that the rooster is a cat? BTW, the audio is in Japanese, but don't worry, you don't need to understand, it's cute anyway. (via i-pets)

- Learn Another Language: cat versus a golden fish. A nice commercial for a foreign language school.

- Talking Cats: the last cat sounds like my cat Melanie angry. Freaky, but I bet that it's fake. (via I Love My Cat)

- Why Sumo is better than Karate: a kitty shows to his buddy what he / she learnt with karate. That is an old video, so maybe you have watched it before.


Amusing, but not for everybody: Droplet - Microscopy of the Protozoa. There are 205 pictures divided in 66 genera. If you have doubts about the species check the glossary and visit the external links suggested.

1954 Chevrolet 1951 Chicago Maids Girlie Set

American Matchcover Collecting Club: At this site, you will enjoy information about matchcover and match-industry history, an online store, a matchcover auction, and much more. The Matchcover Gallery contains images from older matchcover designs divided by themes: dogs, automobilies, airlines, beer, boats & ships, etc.

Related posts: Matchbook Museum, Vintage Vegas, Matchbox collection and Dotpattern.

The Fish Duck

The awesome kinetic sculptures of Duane Flatmo look like the vehicles of Wacky Race. He also makes colourful nice paintings and sculptures. His sculptures were created from scrap metal parts found at various junkyards and wrecking yards proving one more time that he has a fantastic imagination.

A Visit to the Plastic Surgeon

The artist Jere Smith has an eclectic background in art including graphic design, editorial illustration, the teaching of art, curating same, various gallery affiliations, and organizing many theme-based art events. Among has influences there are artists like Michaelangelo, Magritte, Max Ersnt, Marcel Duchamp, illustrators like Maxfield Parrish, Norman Rockwell and Milton Glaser, and the early comics and cartoons.

Fear of Stepmothers

The talent English artist Kipling West makes illustrations for books and partcipated of many exhibitions. Most of his works have images of themes like superstitions, halloween, tarot, legends, demons and cats. But, if you prefer dogs go to the French Bulldog Wonderland page.

A fat bubble ring in a fishtank

Bubble Rings are like smoke rings, except they exist under water, and they are made of pure, clean air instead of smoke. Neat , but it ins't available for sell (the creator are still looking for investors).

Brokeback Mountain by bunnies

Do you remember that I said that Angry Alien Productions was planning to make a version of Brokeback Mountain? Well, they finished and now it's online the Brokeback Mountain Parody in 30 seconds and re-enacted by bunnies. Have fun.

February 26, 2006

Kircher’s Cat Piano

In the 17th century a German Jesuit scholar called Athanasius Kircher made a Cat Piano. The invention was described in the book Musurgia Universalis published in two volumes in Rome in 1650.

In order to raise the spirits of an Italian prince burdened by the cares of his position, a musician created for him a cat piano. The musician selected cats whose natural voices were at different pitches and arranged them in cages side by side, so that when a key on the piano was depressed, a mechanism drove a sharp spike into the appropriate cat’s tail. The result was a melody of meows that became more vigorous as the cats became more desperate. Who could not help but laugh at such music? Thus was the prince raised from his melancholy.

What about giving to him the same treatment that he gave to the cats, only using another appendage of his body, since he didn't have a tail? (via wmmna)

Sushi Pups 4-piece set

I'm not a dog person and I'm not a fan of sushi too, but I like cute stuff and plush stuffed toys. So let me introduce you the Sushi Pups.

Sushi Pups is a new line of sushi-shaped dog toys inspired by love for our pups and yummy sushi! We know your dogs will drool over these plush tuna, salmon, uni, and tuna bone maki. Now all you sushi-lovers can treat your pups to these toys too!

The toys came in four options: Bone Maki, Uni, Salmon and Tuna. They are selling individual toys, 2-piece and 4-piece combos. If you aren't sure if your dogs are going to like them, take a look at their gallery of images at Flickr. I would like to find them in small versions for cats. (weirdly found at


Jeu d'oranges - concours de scan de pelures d'orange. This French site is/has a contest of images made with orange (or grapefruit, or tangerine, etc.) peel. Among the rules there are: use the biggest part of the orange surface; small images aren't allowed; it has to be seamless. They have tips and ideas to cut the orange and recipes to use your orange after. The "animaux" gallery has adorable creations. And don't forget to vote for your favourite image. (via NicoSite)

PS.: following the suggestion... Sunday orange peel cat blogging. Voilà!


February 25, 2006

Welcome to Las Vegas

I made a bet with another blogger that I could find an interesting link about Las Vegas. Since I don't like to lose bets, I decided to post some Las Vegas links that I liked to make sure I win.

- Cassidy Frames has a small gallery with 10 vintage Las Vegas promotional shots from the archives of "Fabulous Las Vegas" magazine, from 1960's and the beginning of 1970's. Visit also the Matchbooks page with classic Nevada casino matchbook art.

- Las Vegas Chip Hall of Fame from Casino Rarities. Presenting some of the rarest and finest Las Vegas chips known, from as early as the 1940's to nowadays. One of the rarities is a $100 Flamingo chip from 1947, when Bugsy Siegel reopened the Flamingo.

- Classic Vegas - This is the site dedicated to providing you the best in classic entertainment, Las Vegas style. The hotels, audio files, the entertainers nicknames and profiles (Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Dean Martin, Elvis Presley, Wayne Newton, Bobby Darin and more). Some links don't have any content.

Fremont Street 1953 - Las Vegas on Flickr

- Flickr has thousands of images tagged as Las Vegas, but if you want to find more specific stuff, go to the groups. Las Vegas is the best group to find topics and discussions about the city, with tips of places to visit and a lot of pictures from Las Vegas, Nevada.. casinos, bright lights, nature, citylife and people. My other suggestion is the group Vintage Vegas with Photos and Ephemera from the early years (Golden Age) until 1970.

- "Las Vegas: Vintage Graphics from Sin City" is a nice Taschen book with many images, as someone said to me. The site has few images and small content review.

- List of films shot in Las Vegas, set in Las Vegas and a huge list of Movies Filmed in Las Vegas Area, from Boulder Dam to Rat Race, including movies for TV, Cable TV and cinema, but it only goes to 2001.

- Posters: I tried to find a site with vintage Vegas posters, but all the pages that I found with a nice gallery of images were sites selling posters. So if you don't care, has images of many Las Vegas Posters and Prints. I also made a selection of individual poster pages: Las Vegas United Air Lines by Stan Galli from 1950's, Las Vegas Fly TWA, one more Las Vegas United Air Lines, Hotel El Rancho Vegas, Vegas Nights - The Exotic South American Beauty Elvira Pagan, Las Vegas Western Air Lines - Skyway to Western Playgrounds and Stoppover at the exciting Las Vegas, Nevada - Go Union Pacific Railroad.

Las Vegas Fly TWA

- Roadside Peek it's not a site about Las Vegas, it's about the roadside treasures of old routes across America. The old motels, bowling alleys, drive-in theatres, neon signs, petrol pumps, googie sites and tiki villages. Of course, they have a Las Vegas session, divided in categories, like vintage postcards, neon and downtown.

- The Las Vegas Matchbook Collection a very nice collection of vintage and modern casino matches and matchbooks with images and descriptions.

- The Story of Classic Las Vegas is a documentary project made to the Las Vegas Centennial (2005). It's composed by two parts, The Story of Classic Las Vegas and The Women Who Built Las Vegas, result of the research and interviews made with 130 people native born and longtime Las Vegas residents that narrated their memories of old Las Vegas. Don't miss the trailers, they will give you an idea of how interesting the films look.

- Vegas Views: The main purpose of this site is to create a repository of photographs of views available from Las Vegas hotel rooms.

$5 & $25 Flamingo chips

- Viva Las Vegas Blog: a site about Vegas with posts about music, hotels, spas, fun, photos, sports, travel info, books, gifts, things to do in Vegas, clothes history, movies, gossip, art scene, getting married and much more. For Vegas fans.

- "When The Mob Ran Vegas - Stories of Money, Mayhem, and Murder". Sizzling, behind-the-headlines stories about the men, the Mob, movie stars, and missing money that made '50s and '60s Vegas such a hot spot in the Nevada desert. The book site has a sample chapter, info about the book, the author and an excelent gallery with Photos of Vegas "when the Mob ran Vegas" as slideshow.

More about Las Vegas at Cynical-C Las Vegas category, growabrain Las Vegas Archives and the related posts Vintage Vegas and Tom Jones Live in Las Vegas.

When The Mob Ran Vegas - Vegas at Night

February 24, 2006

I know that link blogs don't have that many comments, but I'm trying to make my blog entries a bit more interesting to attract more commenters. I'm not sure if it's working or whether this blog has more comments now because it has more readers. The other technique that I'm trying is to reply to most of the comments, even if they don't need any answer. My next step will be to try to apply some of those 10 Tips for Attracting More Comments. It's an interesting article for bloggers and I'm going to start with the first tip: Ask.

This blog is open for comments. I like comments, specially if they are positive ones, with new ideas, links, suggestions or nice words, who doesn't love that? Comments gives me an idea of what people like, what kind of content people appreciate, issues that I may research, etc. I don't answer them all, but I read all the comments and I visit the blogs when the readers put a link to them.


Some of you have noticed that I started to use a comment tool called coComment. On the left side of my main page there is blogbox, with a "miniature copy" of my comments. There you see only comments from my blog, because I didn't see any other blog that I read using it. That's why I'm inviting more people to test it.

coComment is free, easy to install, easy to configure it, it will enable you to efficiently track your comments and conversations with others across the blogosphere and you can sign the feed of your conversations. It also works with Flickr and have an integration with the blog tools Word Press, TextPattern and Serendipity. They are planning more features, like integrating it in the comment form.

February 23, 2006

Tom Jones Live in Las Vegas

This is for Chris that loves Vegas: Rato Records posted Tom Jones Live in Las Vegas, ripped from the original vinyl album released in October 1969. Jones' impassioned performance and the absence of weak material make Live in Las Vegas one of his most consistent records. Not surprisingly, it was also his biggest hit, peaking at number three on the American album charts.