August 23, 2005

Atomic Pin-Up

Fast, Loose and Lovely

Atomic Pin-Up - a neat site about pin-ups with vintage pictures of cars, probably from 50's, some album covers, a two galleries with vintage pictures of Pin-Ups, and more stuff. The best part: Movie Posters of sci-fi, horror, noir and b-movies. (via mcguffin)

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Cuban Posters

Lucia by Raul Martinez

Cuban Posters

Around 1965, in a period of strained relations with the Soviet Union, the Cubans decide to develop styles more suitable to their own circumstances. A period of artistic freedom follows. The arts flourish, and there are lively international contacts. Talented Cuban artists start designing colourful, inventive posters of traditional subjects such as commemorations of the revolution or calls for more production. The Cuban leaders are portayed as cheerful and unconventional.

(via Jaf Project)

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August 22, 2005

Vintage Drug Ads


Take a look at Vintage Drug Ads, a photoset with magazine drug ads from the 30's until the 60's, uploaded by the Flickr user whisperingibis. Is it just me or do other people think that many of those ads look funny nowadays? (via Exclamation Mark)

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Flickr Magazine tool


Flickr Blog talked about a new cool tool to use with Flickr, the Magazine Cover maker. It was two days ago, but I just tested it today. Really cool! Make your magazine and post it on Flickr Magazine group.

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Engadget 1985

Engadget 1985

Too geek to not to post: Engadget 1985. A fantastic Engadget post, or as a reader said!. (via Waxy)

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Madonna Shots


Madonna Shots: The Rarest, The Barest and The Best pictures of Madonna. It's an impressive collection with hundreds of images, with photos from 1958 till 2004, including images of films, videos, cover of magazines, family photos, nudes and pictures used on the SEX book. I think I still her fan, because I lost 2 hours looking the photos. (via stationsvakt)

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Paul Watson

A Litany of Disaster

Paul Watson is a talented artist that makes nice assemblages, drawings, other mixed media artwork and texts. His latest work principia discordia is a limited series of 100 collages, each one hand-numbered, on 9 by 12 inches (229 x 305 mm) Bockingford Board and they are available to pre-order. Read about the process of his creation on this thread in the discussion forum, where there is an off topic discussion about cats (sure I liked it).

PS.: I think that Johnny suggested the the lazarus corporation site some time ago.

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Les playmates perdues

Les playmates perdues

Patricia from wonderful Agence eureka, a blog dedicated to vintage images, posted some vintage pictures of playmates on her archive blog, grenouille plus. Of course some of the pictures NSFW, but they are nice photos and some look almost naive. On the same post she suggested also a link to Rope Magic, a Japanese site (with some English menu) about bondage, just in case you have this fetish. BTW, some not safe pictures on this site too.

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The Carpet People illustrations


The first version of Terry Pratchett's book The Carpet People published in 1971 was illustrated by himself. Those original books are collector's image, but the site has the original black & white pictures, coloured in by Terry with watercolour paint, scans of entire pages with dedications, doodles and illustrations and photographs taken in the launch party in 1971. Obligatory site for Pratchett's fans. (via Drawn!)

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Karl Leiter

Karl Leiter

On Malanda Art you will find paintings, drawings, caligraphic, zen art, digital art, illustrations, collages and photography. Many great works by Karl L. Leiter to see. Visit also his new blog about art All about nothing.

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August 21, 2005

Asia Through the Lens

On the River

Asia Through the Lens, vintage pictures of China and Japan. Discover the exotic east as it once was - a land of mystery and adventure - slowly beginning to share its secrets with the world as captured on film by the early master pioneer photographers of the Orient. (via Plep)

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Caia Koopman


Caia Koopman is inspired by color, dreams, politics, and life. Her works include illustrations and paintings with dark little big-eye girls. Caia's paintings have been used commercially for many years as graphics for snowboards, skateboards and wakeboards. (via neurastenia)

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Die kleine Bananenrepublik

Crocodile with bananas

Die kleine Bananenrepublik has tons of images of bananas. Only images with bananas, but they are funny. (via QOC)

PS.: olhando o título da página fiquei com uma dúvida, república das bananas ainda é uma piada comum?

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The Exciting Game of Career Girls

What Shall I Be?

What Shall I Be? is a game from 1966 with the subtitle The Exciting Game of Career Girls. Oh yes, very exciting, but I'm still searching for a lawyer, a filmmaker, a pilotor or an engineer, because there are only teacher, actress, model, nurse, ballet dancer and airline hostess as careers. It's curious and totally outdated and I hope that you think the same. (via Cynical-C)

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Interesting tool: Omnipelagos ~ meandering search engine, finds the shortest paths between any two things. I tried the connection between cat and chocolate and this was one of the results:

[Characteristics / Hunting and diet] Cats do ingest some vegetable matter, such as cat grass or catnip. Explanations on why vary.
[Medicinal uses] sedatives, and as antispasmodics. They are used to alleviate symptoms such as insomnia, stress, menstrual cramps
[Treatment for insomnia / Removing probable causes of insomnia] and similar, chocolate bars and other candy. Drink herbal teas or plain water instead of caffeine-containing liquids.

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Jason Levesque

Jason Levesque

Jason Levesque makes illustrations, sketches, photos and design. Explore his site and design a girl or play with paper dolls on toybox - two cool tools, visit the shop - where there are more of his works, and visit also his blog. Most of his great illustrations are mostly females, because as he says Girls are pretty, and some are NSFW.

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Square America Snapshots

Square America Snapshots

Square America Snapshots is a site dedicated to preserving and displaying vintage snapshots from the first 3/4s of the 20th Century. You must see this site, specially the The Book of Sleep and In the Booth sessions.

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Lilya Corneli

Lilya Corneli

Lilya Corneli has a beautiful work of photography and manipulation. Some not safe pictures of artist nude. (via PCL LinkDump)

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August 20, 2005

Sister Furong

Sister Furong

One more Internet celebrity: Sister Furong on the Wired article No Sex, Please, We're Repressed.

Floozie or role model, attention monger or free spirit? For months, China has been debating what to make of its latest internet-born star, a young woman known nationwide as Furong Jiejie, aka Sister Furong. She is seen as a pioneer pushing the boundaries of traditional media controls but in the process has become a target of government censors in the tightly controlled country.

She isn't exactly a goddess but they say that she is daydreaming. More about her here that seems to be her blog, here (both in Chinese) and try this Technorati Tag.

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